What's on its way


Honey Batches

Each batch of Hedge End Honey is Single Origin, which means we only jar honey from a single source.  Many honeys available are a blend from around the County or even the UK.  Buying Single Origin honey is a sure way of getting local pollen which is extremely beneficial for hay fever sufferers.  It also means that each batch maintains its unique flavour which is dependent on the flora available to the bees at the time. Currently we are offering honey from Batch 10 and as soon as others become available you will be able to purchase them.  We look forward to being able to offer you a wide variety of honey very soon, sign up to our newsletter for the latest batch release news.

The Honey Bar

We will be introducing 'The Honey Bar' shortly.  The idea is you bring your own jar or container and fill it up at the 'Bar'.  This will be an opportunity to be environmentally friendly and reduce waste, its also pretty fun to be able to jar your own honey!  The Honey Bar is also a way for you to buy Hedge End Honey at a reduced rate as you will be providing your own container.


Bees are fascinating! Each hive has its own temperament and there is usually a tale to tell from every weekly inspection.  We hope to share some of our stories and insights in to the bees world, so you can get to know the bees that will be preparing your honey.